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Judie Russell's journey in the world of videos began back in 1988, when she was just three years old. Armed with her parents' VHS recorder, she confidently stepped in front of the camera for her first 'piece to camera' experience. Witnessing the magic of playback on the television later that day ignited a lifelong fascination with the power of video storytelling.

However, her path to becoming a video enthusiast took some intriguing turns. After completing her Masters's degree in Business Economics from University College Cork in 2006, Judie embarked on a dynamic adventure. Over the span of five years, she traversed 11 countries, embracing diverse roles to make ends meet.

But destiny had a unique plan in store for her. In the enchanting landscapes of Costa Rica, Judie found her dream job as a video journalist. This role immersed her in every facet of the craft – from captivating on-screen presentations and script research to live show direction and the creation of a staggering 100+ minutes of video content per week. The exhilaration she felt was nothing short of electrifying.

Upon returning to Ireland, Judie's passion for video led her to pursue a diploma in TV and Video Production. She soon found herself directing, producing, presenting, and editing a weekly magazine show that reached audiences via SKYtv. Her talents extended to the editing room of RTE's long-running hidden camera show, "The Fear," and she played an instrumental role in the success of the blockbuster film "The Young Offenders," which swiftly reached the one million mark at the box office in 2015.

Judie's expertise didn't stop at the screen. She also shared her knowledge as a lecturer for a communications module at University College Cork. Armed with a specialization in video project management, she collaborated with multinationals to develop comprehensive video strategies and establish robust internal video teams.

A pivotal moment arrived when Judie took the stage at MojoCon 2016, the world's largest mobile journalism conference. Here, she showcased how her passion for storytelling blossomed into The Vidacademy, a mobile video training enterprise. Since then, Judie has empowered thousands of professionals with her adept training in video production.

Judie Russell's journey exemplifies the transformative impact of video storytelling. From her early days as a child with a VHS recorder to her current role as a trailblazer in the world of video training, she continues to harness the magic of visual narratives to inspire and educate others in the art of video production.

Judie Russell

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