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Why Take Part in The Corporate Video Challenge? 

Engaging in video production is a thrilling and dynamic activity that calls for rapid adaptation and unwavering focus. Through this process, individuals and teams can cultivate vital life skills, including:



Being able to adjust to changes in circumstances, such as weather, a technical glitch, or a last-minute script change. 


Attention to Detail

A sharp eye for particulars, discerning flaws and inconsistencies that may reduce the production value of the finished video. 


Creative Collaboration 

The skill of communicating effectively with others to creatively address problems and generates innovative solutions. 


Who is The Challenge for? 

The Corporate Video Challenge has been designed for 

➡ C Level Executives, 

➡ Senior Managers & 

➡ the wider team. 

In today's corporate landscape, effective communication through video has become a critical expectation for both individuals and teams. 


Familiarity with the video production process and an understanding of the intricacies behind the scenes are crucial for achieving success in future video communication projects.


What does The Challenge involve? 

This full-day event will be held at The Montenotte Hotel’s Cameo Cinema and the day will run as follows: 

Screenshot 2023-05-01 at 18.53.12.png



Thanks for subscribing!

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