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How to Plan an Excellent Video
in 8 Simple Steps

Have you ever struggled with planning a video? Or are you a professional videographer who wants a more structured approach to planning your clients' videos?


If so, this course will guide you through the most important aspects of planning a video using The Vidacademy's 8 Steps for Planning an Excellent video.

Overview of The 8 Steps

  • Step 1 is developing a high-level plan using the 5 W’s roadmap.

  • Step 2 is deciding the optimal duration and aspect ratio for your video.

  • Step 3 is choosing the production type based on how much time you have and how proficient you or your team are in video production.

  • Step 4 involves storyboarding to help organize all of your thoughts and ideas.

  • Step 5 is adding a hook or something that will grab your viewers’ attention right at the very start.

  • Step 6 is where you take all of the information from your storyboard and convert it to text – this is where your plan will get really detailed.

  • Step 7 is all about project managing your production and creating a calendar plan with milestones so that you can effectively prioritize your time.

  • And finally, Step 8, involved checking any legal or compliance concerns so that you can mitigate any potential issues early on.


At the end of each step, you are asked to complete course work and so by the time you finish this course or book you should be ready to start filming your excellent video.

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