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Creating Videos to Promote Kindness - with Adventurer 'Nahla Summers'

In this live recorded interview, Judie Russell speaks to Nahla Summers about her passions, her purpose and how she embraces video content creation as a method of communicating her missions of kindness to the world and building a community of people who believe in the power of kindness.

Nahla Summers is an adventurer, author, social campaigner, and researcher for kindness.

She undertakes challenges each year asking people to show support by doing an act of kindness for a stranger, her biggest to date was a World Record for further distance on an Elliptical cycle in a single journey of 5007 miles in 2020.

She has also founded A Culture of Kindness, which specialises in culture change in businesses using the concept of kindness. Right now she’s training for a couch to marathon and recently she launched her second book called The Accidental Adventure.


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