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How to Get Filters for Teams and Zoom - Be More Like Cat Lawyer

If you only got to see one video last week then I really hope it was the Zoom Cat Filter Saga. As The Guardian article wrote, "the best thing about lawyer cat is that it teaches us nothing it's just very funny". It reminded me of a filter plug-in that I've been using for quite a while and it's called Snap Camera. You can download this for free on PC and Mac and i'd suggest you get it immediately but you also learn how to turn it on and off just in case you end up in your own cat lawyer saga.

When you open up Snap Camera there are loads of filters that you can search through and apply and it works really well as your mouth is still moving as usual.

Another favourite is the potato filter and this can get a laugh when I'm training people from abroad and I'm introducing myself as Irish.

And best of all, if you're a brand you can even add your own lens! In this video, I'll give you a walk through the app and show you how to switch it on and off in Zoom.

This video was filmed on iPhone 12 Max Pro.

If you want to start practicing some basic camera and mobile editing skills then you can sign up for free to


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