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Why not host an Internal Xmas Film Festival?

Many of us are back to working from home. This is a great opportunity for companies to host an Internal Christmas Film Festival!

Team-building has never been more important and what better way to encourage employees to learn new skills and work together on a project than asking them to produce a short film using their phones.

Here's how to organise this step by step:

1. Choose Team Members Randomly

People will be able to come together to brainstorm creative plans, capture and share footage with their phones, and explore video editing software, apps, and tutorials to bring all of the clips together. By choosing randomly, people might have the opportunity to work with others that they don't usually interact with.

2. Pick Topics and Genres

You could choose video topics such as ‘Just an Average Day’ or ‘You’re on Mute!’. Then assign a different genre to each team such as comedy, horror, or drama. You could give each team the same topic and genre or assign a topic and get them to randomly pick a genre from a virtual hat.

3. Set the Parameters

Set a duration limit on the videos such as 1-2 minutes and set a deadline for when and where the video should be submitted.

4. Host an Online Screening

Organise an internal black tie film festival online, invite the whole company and play each of the videos before announcing the overall winner, or use a poll to allow the audience to decide.

YoU WILL be amazed at what people can produce when they’re given the space and incentive to create. And you might be surprised by who has a hidden talent for production or has a more creative flair than you’ve realised before.

If you'd like to get in touch about an online training session with tups for planning, filming and editing, you can email


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