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5 Reasons I Love the THIS Multicolor LED Light

If you've ever attended one of my workshops you'll know that I usually tell people to use the sun if at all possible. It's free and it's a great light. But a time may come when you'll want to have more control over your lighting and then you may be looking into buying lights.

So let's take a look at the Aputure MC MultiColor LED Light and five reasons why I really like it so that you can consider these points when making your purchase.

1. The Design

This light is small, portable, and really light. It comes with a lovely bag and a diffusion cover. It's easily mountable onto regular tripods and what's really cool is that it also comes with super-strong magnetic meaning it can attach to anything metal without having to carry around tripods or any other stabilization gear.

2. It's Dimmable

The second reason that I love this light is that you can dim it. It ranges from 0% to 100% really bright to really dim, giving you a large amount of control depending on the situation.

3. The Temperature is Adjustable

Light ranges from daylight which is a cold bluey white light to tungsten which is a warm yellow light - like the lamp in your living room. So in the daytime, if you need extra light, you'll want to match the bluey white color of the sun. Then in the evening, that light will look a bit cold and strange so you'll want it to be a bit yellower or warmer. And this light gives you full control over the color temperature.

4. It's Multicolor

You can turn this light into any color which is such a great feature! You can turn it any color by adjusting the Hue, Saturation, and Intensity of that color. Now there might be certain reasons that you might want to be blue but what can add interest to the scene and a professional look is if you have colors in your scene behind you, versus plain white walls.

5. It has Special Effects

The fifth and final reason that I adore this light is the special effects You can mimic a faulty bulb, lightning, a party scene, a fire, a tv, a cop car and fireworks which with the right kind of sound effect can be really cool.


So hopefully that gives you a nice introduction to this really cool Aputure MC multi-color light. The cost is around 90 euro and which is great value. You could purchase three of these and set up a three-point lighting system and bring it with you if you're moving around locations often.

If you want to start practicing some basic camera and mobile editing skills then you can sign up for free to


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