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How to Use Your iPhone as a Webcam - and add your logo!

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

People often ask me what Webcam I am using and they are usually quite surprised when I tell them I’m actually using an iPhone. Another thing people ask, is how do I get overlays like logos and titles to appear on my Zoom and Teams meetings and it's actually the same software, Reincubate Camo. Disclaimer – it’s not yet available on Android however they are working on it and you can enter your email address to be notified first.

So here are five things I love about this software:

1. The Set Up is Easy

First, download the Camo app to your iPhone. Second, download the Camo software to your PC or Mac. And third, make sure to cable in from your phone to your computer. Zoom or Team should then recognise the Reincubate Camo as another camera

2. The Control Centre

The software includes Camo Studio Pro and within the brightness of the shot or the saturation if there is a reason that you wanted to go black and white and do that but I can work and then there were also pre-installed presents over here so I have never and a reason to use airport attack I'm sure there's a reason and I hope one day I will find them.

3. Switch Between Lenses

My favourite part of this software is that you can switch between the cameras lenses. So if your iPhone has three lenses you can switch between Telephoto, Wide Angle and Ultra-Wide Angles. This can be great if you're delivering long presentation because you can change up what your audience is seeing potentially leading to better engagement. And not only can you switch between lenses, you can even cable in a second phone and use this as a second camera giving you loads of options depending on the situation.

4. Add Logos and Other Graphics

The free version of Camo will overlay the Camo logo on the bottom right of your screen – but this is a small price to pay for such an excellent software. If you upgrade and pay however, you’ll be able to upload custom overlays onto your video meetings. You can add your logo, your name, your title and even a QR code that will redirect people to your social media pages or Linktree.

5. Get 20% of with ACADEMY20

I reached out to Camo to ask them for a discount code that I could can pass on to people who do my workshops and watch this video and they said ‘sure, no problem’. Go to​ and enter ACADEMY20 for a 20% discount. So at €80 for a lifetime purchase, that comes to €64 with the discount which I think is a bargain for so many features and functions. Thanks for watching and subscribe for more

If you want to start practicing some basic camera and mobile editing skills then you can sign up for free to


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